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Home Case Studies How did this Canadian company dealing with Covid Health-related products increased its footfall by 50% in just 1 month?

Case Study

How did this Canadian company dealing with Covid Health-related products increased its footfall by 50% in just 1 month?

Client Requirement

Increase Branding, Awareness and Reach on Social Media for it’s personal brand and acquire more customers in her bucket through Local SEO.

What do they do?

IT solutions provider who offer quality and affordable solutions to both businesses and individuals alike in Canada. A product of Amani Systems employs advanced Infrared thermography technology to scan person temperature with accuracy and speed. Face recognition using mature face recognition algorithms. Built with mask recognition and employee pass management.

Success Platforms for the Client

Google Search
Social Ads
Local SEO

Problems from the end of the client

Starting a very new business in Canada during the time when the pandemic was hitting at a high level, they came up with a product which was in high demand i.e Face Recognition and Body Temperature Measurement Tablet & Body Temperature Detection Gate.

● The sole problem was to sell the products in the US market at a time when people were a bit conscious of spending money.
● Carebaseone’s aim was to deliver high quality temperature measurements products that are unique, diverse, and continue to break the glass ceiling in today's ever challenging health care world.
● For making the product to stay continued to be the ultimate choice for all the consumers it was important to ensure that the brand remained digitally inspiring and recognised across varied online channels.

Our Marketing Strategy, process and approach

  • Studied and Analysed the target audience for creating the constructive,concrete & detailed marketing strategy.
  • Planned out various campaigns for enhancing the brand visibility and build the presence on social channels where their target audience can be aimed
  • Creation of various marketing funnels for increasing brand presence in the online market.
  • Increased customer engagement through the development of fruitful customer relationships.
  • Curated various ad copies for google and facebook ads to reach out to the potential customers for brand enhancement and lead generation.
  • Implemented Google My Business for bringing sign ups for local listings in Mississauga, Toronto.
  • Carry out competitor analysis and 360 degree website audit.
  • Implementing SEO Strategy.
  • Setup of Google Analytics to understand user behaviour.
  • Running Paid Campaigns on Google to increase the number of inquiries for their product.
  • Approaching Schools, Subway Station, Office Building, Super-Market, Airport, Exhibition, Company, Factory, Hotel & Restaurants via email marketing.
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    Google Ranking
    on High Search Volume
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    in Search Traffic
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    inquiries in just one month
    via paid and organic channels