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Case Study

How this Makeup Artist increased it’s reach and footfall 100x times in 3 months?

Client Requirement

Increase Branding, Awareness and Reach on Social Media for it’s personal brand and acquire more customers in her bucket through Local SEO.

What do they do?

Sneha Bhowmick is a personal brand cum Makeup Artist service provider based in Kolkata. An experienced and well trained makeover stylist from London College Of Makeup and offers personalised makeover for every occasion.

Success Platforms for the Client

Google Search
Social Ads
Local SEO

Problems from the end of the client

● To onboard new clients especially for wedding occasions and photoshoots.
● Increase the fan following base of the instagram and Facebook page
● Brand awareness in the targeted locations.
● Brand positioning in the target market.
● Reach out to the potential consumer base in the above the line segment of marketing.

Our Marketing Strategy, process and approach

• Carried out competitor research to understand the demand of the business on social platform.
• Setup Google Listing to capture local leads.
• Enhance and Optimize brand page on Facebook and Instagram.
• Create unique post style to attract the audience.
• Editing and Publishing reels on famous trends with popular music and hashtags.
• Designing personal brand identity logo.
• Leverage Youtube platform for brand awareness, reach and monetization.
• Boosting facebook/instagram post with targeted audience, age group and gender to increase reach and generate inquiries.
• Giveaway, Brand Collaboration & Influencer Marketing.
• Cross Promotion from other business pages.

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